Healy Coal Scheduling and Delivery

North Pole Coal - Healy District Information:
During Winter months Healy Coal Sales are made every Saturday, usual hours of operation are 10am and 4pm.  If you would like coal delivered and you reside in the Healy area please call NPC in advance so your delivery can be scheduled.  If you are coming for coal pick up and are from outside the Healy area we advise you call and let NPC personnel know when you will be arriving. Coal Pick-Up Information Needed: type (stocker or lump), amount of coal you will need and a contact phone number.  We want to make sure we have our people there when you arrive.  Please call 907.488.8550 to confirm.

Coal Pick Up Process:
It is easy to a pick-up quantities of coal.
First; You can save time by weighing in prior to loading: (There is a scale at the tipple which has a LED readout).
Second; contact the loader operator or attendant for the type of coal and amount desired.  The operator will then fill your truck or trailer and then request you weigh out again recording your gross weight.
Last; return to the attendant with weight information to check out.

If you have any questions on your account; please call 907.488.8550

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